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Start with pentesting

Grab a cup of coffee and start reading and learn about pentesting with Kali Linux is the most powerful open source software for pentesting systems.

Discovery Exploration

Example Pages

To help get you started with pentesting with Kali Linux, we’ve included usage examples of the standard tools that have made Kali Linux so popular.


Test the tools from Kali Linux

Explore of Kali Linux system and the limitless possibilities of Kali Linux by using the tools on different levels of pentesting scopes.


Make your own pentesting labor

We introduce you to create your own pentesting labor in an virtual environment and give you tips how you can use it for pentration testing learning. This help you getting an easy entry into pentration testing. It can be used as an example to play around or to kickstart your own projects.

Included features of the Introduction Package

  • Install pfsense
  • Install Kali Linux
  • Install Snort
  • Install Security Onion
  • Install Mint Linux
  • install Metasploitable 2 (Linux)
  • Install Metasploitable 3 (Windows)
  • Install OWASP Broken Web Application